The Project

The UWS Solar Car Project is a student driven venture to build a solar car for the World Solar Challenge. Started in 2011 by Jay Manley, an undergraduate Mechatronic Engineering student, it includes a diversity of students from engineering, design, business and even science.

As students from Western Sydney we relish the opportunity to drive forward, break barriers, innovate and go beyond. The UWS Solar Car team wishes to move in on the territory of other well established projects who are participating in the world solar challenge, bringing fresh faces and attitudes to a green inititative in Australia and showing the rest of the world what the best from the west can do.

The World Solar Challenge is one of the most covered eco-events in the world, with teams from japan to tehrain competing, it brings ecological movements, technological development and Australia to the fore.

We provide a basis to do hands on engineering and business work for students still in university and look to achieve not only in competing well in the challenge, but also in building a community for years to come.


Whether you’re a student, alumni or a company, get in contact and help us out.

The Challenge

We started this project with one goal, to be a part of and aiming to win the World Solar Challenge.


This 3000+KM race across the central Australian desert is a biennial rally which hosts some of the oldest, most versed, dedicated Institutions in the world to propel sustainable transportation ideas forward and bring them into the limelight of the world. It starts in Darwin and ends in Adelaide, very few make it to the end…

Universities like Tokai University from Japan, Cambridge University from the UK, Delft University of Technology from The Netherlands, Michigan University from the United states and the University of Bologna from Italy. The best, brightest, oldest and most prestigious Tertiary education institutions in the world; and now The University of Western Sydney is taking it to them.